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A ferrety update

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Oh how wonderful - thank you for posting that :)
A bit more Goose💜


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I've just got my last lot of 35mm film photos back. Here's one of Goose and one of Candy, she's about 15 years old now!


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I'm sure you've said before, but what species of snake is Candy? And how big is she now?
She's a corn snake and the last skin she shed whole was just about 6ft, so she's a little shorter than that. I was thinking back to when I adopted her the other day(2011) and she seemed so small, probably about 2ft! They reckoned she was about a year/ year and a half maybe then.:)
Goose has just had a pee test and a check up at the vets and all is still looking nice and stable, phew! He's gained weight, healthy coat and active so the vet is really happy with him, hooray! Just going to continue as we are and monitor him as per. He'll be 6 years old next month, the vet even said he was the best conditioned and oldest ferret on their books at the mo, very proud😊
Today is Goose's 6th birthday! We got him a new strawberry 😁. He liked it for a moment but of course his old 'strawberry'(aka the horrid bit of vaguely yellow foam!) is still his favourite!!😝😂


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