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New Home Needed American Bulldog/Boxer is looking for her new home

Discussion in 'Rehoming and Adoption' started by Slawek, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Slawek

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    Lucy is a four year old cross between an American Bulldog and Boxer. Because of family circumstances now she is looking for her forever home.

    I’m the second owner and she has stayed with us for the last three years. Unfortunately her previous owners treated her very badly. She was underweight, never played with other dogs, she had not been socialized at all.

    My family and I spent a lot of time trying to train her. At home she’s very calm and sweet. She spent a lot of time playing with my fourteen year old daughter, so she is very good with older kids. However, outside she still has problems with other dogs. So she will not be able to live with someone who owns other dogs or cats.

    She has had two trainers already and she has made good progress but she definitely needs more help to interact with other dogs.

    Lucy is a healthy and very strong dog. Two weeks ago she was weighed (32.5kg) and had all her vaccinations up to date. In December 2014 she was sprayed and microchipped.

    She is a lovely dog and she deserves a kind and caring new home. Lucy isn’t for sale! The most important thing for us is to find her a loving, responsible home with an owner who has experience handling bigger dogs.

    Please only contact if fully committed to being her forever parent. If you are looking to be her potential owner please tell us a bit about yourself and your family because we want to make sure that she will get all the care and attention that she deserves. Please don’t contact us if you are 25 or under. Thanks for understanding!

    We live in South East London

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