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Anal glands infection?


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I got a jack russell and he had an anal glands infection before and I've been with him today to empty his anal glands and his bum is a bit swollen. maybe anyone can tell me if it is an infection or if its just swollen and it will go away.
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With anal glands you got to be carefull, some need emptying out on a weekly job, if not done then they can get a absess so if your not sure then the vet is the one who can give a better check, if its a vet who emptied them then should be fine,, good look.
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I have a breed which is susceptible to anal furunculosis, so my advice with this is to be very careful. Over squeezing can cause inflammation, as can under-emptying, and both can result in infections, so there's a happy medium that requires good technique to reduce local damage from the squeezing and emptying often enough to prevent impaction. Vets should be good at this, but it's likely to cause a bit of redness at least.

Does your dog have good bowel movements? That should reduce the speed at which the anal glands fill as solid poo empties the glands a little bit every time they poo. If he doesn't have good firm poo then it's worth changing food or adding bran or bone to create bulk and firmness to help it all happen naturally.

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