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Angulation in Racing Whippets

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by -, Feb 13, 2001.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been a bit of a pest asking why it is that racing whippets are less angulated then their show counterparts and what the mechanics of this is.  I know Judy is interested as well.  I've received an email reply to my question from Tony Lewis of Lyth Racing Whippets in the U.S.  Mr. Lewis is originally from Britain and came to North America with several of his English racers.  He is well known here as the top spot in AWC racing had gone to either a Lyth dog or Lyth descendant every year of the 90's except one!  He has given me permission to post his reply to me on this list, for the interest of others.

    " I think it's true that all good performance Whippets tend to be straighter

    than show Whippets.  Actually I don't think they are so much straighter

    rather they are less exagerated. The straighter dog, for the want of a

    better description, ( perhaps I should say the correct dog) is able to

    stretch out at the extended part of the double suspension gallop where as

    the over angulated is not.

    If you watch an over angulated dog run you will see that it runs with a

    kind of scissor action and that it can not do get in as many repetitions of

    the DSG in the same space of time as the straighter dog therefore making

    the over angulated slower. The straighter dog runs lower to the ground and

    covers more ground with a longer stride although it's legs are shorter in


    Hope this makes sence. I've never put it into words before!"


                                          Tony Lewis.  Lyth Whippets


                              Check out the Lyth National Racing Champions at:-



    this has been of interest to others, and I'd love to hear opinions of this from those "in the know" :)

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