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Carol S

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I am still trying to get these photo’s of my new puppy Freya onto here. It seems Safari isn’t allowing something. Hopefully I will get it sorted soon.
It may be that they are too large - are you able to resize them? I can't remember what the size limit is, but 800 x 600 should work.

If you don't get anywhere, PM me and I can give you my email address - then you can email them to me and I can have a play...
At last have been able to get photo’s on here. It has taken a lot of time and seemingly they were also too large so each one has to be cropped.
Freya is now 14 weeks old tomorrow and biting everything inside including us . But she is adorable and I am sure it is only her teeth and that will change once her new teeth come through.


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    IMG_0482 Copy.jpeg
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She is very cute! My daughter showed me a trick with the photos, she took a screen shot of the image that was to big, then cropped that a bit and then it seemed to attach ok...think someone else on here mentioned that way too.

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