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As good as it gets on a "walk"

Discussion in 'Dog Pictures and Videos' started by Ari_RR, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. Ari_RR

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    This is as good as it can get on a "walk" for Miles.

    Letting 3 monster dogs (well over 300 lbs / 140 kg combined ) run free in a nature park can only happen when there is no one else there. In this case - rainy late afternoon.
    But what's getting a little bit wet when you get to see them play the way they love playing - wrestling, chasing each other? I love rain....

    On a different topic - how does 2+ y.o. intact Miles get along with neutered males? Well, brilliantly, right? Mastiff is about 3 y.o., GSD mix is a young adult too.

    In Miles' case - he is very friendly, very confident, very social, and still quite exuberant when meeting other dogs, which coupled with his size can be a bit much for the shy ones.
    He gets along great with confident dogs. Less so with the ones who try to growl him away.... Neutered, or intact.

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