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Belle and her Brain Tumour

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by Macbeth, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Macbeth

    Macbeth New Member Registered

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    Our little Belle is still going strong after her diagnosis in October. It’s just hard not knowing what to suspect. It’s doesnt help either that she has the vet scratching his head and without a biopsy (too risky) or another MRI (not keen on her being knocked out again) then there is no way of really knowing. Her leg is slowly healing and she can manage a squirrel chasing trot, we should be enjoying the fact she is a little more pocket rocket but it’s having the big but behind it all. Every sneeze, twitch or tremor and we thinks that’s it the tumour has grown it’s only going to get worse!!

    Has anyone else had a fur baby with a brain tumour? Our vet whilst very good (gave us a bottle of free painkillers as I said none of mine would be in Metacam again) just scratches his head and doesn’t really have any answers. Belle has confounded them. We just don’t know what to expect and other than the obvious (seizures etc...) we just don’t know what else to expect.

    A little background...
    September - Belle partially tore her Cruciate ligament and had X-rays of her leg. About 2 weeks later she had physio at home and I mentioned to them that she didn’t seem right, she was walking more wonky and leaning to one side. Physio thought it was something Neurological. By the Monday she was falling over, walking in circles and we felt it seemed she couldn’t see/hear and literally on another planet. She still was peeing and pooping outside and eating normally. I stopped giving her Metacam. We saw our vet on Tuesday afternoon and to me she seemed a little better compared to the weekend and Monday. Our vet said something wasn’t right and we got an emergency Neurology appointment for the Thursday. The Neuorlogist said it was possible an infection or Vestibular so they kept her in to do a MRI and lumber puncture. We picked her up Friday afternoon funny enough when they called to advise she was ready for collection they said it was cheaper than the estimate as they hadn’t done the lumber puncture. Stupid me thought she had improved so much they worked out what was wrong or the infection showed on the MRI and a couple of weeks of antibiotics would sort it out. I had explained to the Neurologist that she had improved again since seeing our vet on Tuesday. Little did I know. The Neurologist advised they had found a brain tumour/lesion. Too risky to do a biopsy and radiation would probably be too much for her. We sobbed the whole drive home. I asked why was she improving and he said it was temporary and that happens sometimes before the next stage. She got 10 days of steroids and to follow up with our vet.
    Meanwhile little pocket rocket was still gradually improving, our vet called to when they got the report and was astounded she was doing so well. On her visit he was shocked. His possibilities are...
    1. Slow growing brain tumour and it took a growth spurt causing the symptoms and she has now adapted to them.
    2. Benign tumour and it was an infection or a Vestibular attacks.

    Belle has been 90% back to herself, we will feel her hearing/sight is affected in her right side and sometimes loses herself for a moment. Her leg is healing. The most recent thing is that she has started breathing very deeply in sleep (not something she did before) her muscle has gone to podge as she hasn’t been running as much but she has only put in 150grms so not a huge amount so I can’t say it’s weight related.Also when she is sleeping she half lifts her head, strains it and then plops it back down, the only time she doesn’t do this is if she is lying flat on her side. I’m just wondering is this the next stage. She has a check up on Saturday morning.
    Just wondering if anyone has dealt with a brain tumour?
  2. Rebecca F

    Rebecca F New Member Registered

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    All the best for Belle x
  3. Rhythmpig

    Rhythmpig Active Member Registered

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    If it were me in your position,I'd enjoy every minute I had with Belle and stop worrying about what's going to happen. I know it's hard because I've been through it a few times myself. Honestly that's what I'd be doing.
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