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Bentley's Dog Food

Official Bentley's Dog Food 2018-01-06


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Bentley's Dog Food
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BentleysDogFood submitted a new resource:

Bentley's Dog Food - Taste of The Ocean

" Bentley’s was born out of sheer determination and a desire to make available the UK’s first 82.5%/17.5% Grain Free Premium quality dry dog food which matches as closely as possible to their natural ancestral diet, at an affordable price. Launched in April 2016, we are proud and delighted to have achieved our goal.

We are a small UK based independent family business. We are passionate about dogs and believe they deserve to be fed the very best at an affordable price, which can be...

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Thank you for joining our directory @BentleysDogFood

My lab Dennis has a fish based dry food diet but I have never given him dried fish as a treat before. I’ve looked at your website and am very interested in the different treats!

Would you mind answering a few questions I have?

• I like the look of the white fish jerky twists - is my lab likely to demolish them in no time though?

• are you able to give me an expropriate on how many natural bites I would get if I ordered the 500gm bag?

Thank you :)
Hi @Josie and thanks for taking the time to look through what we offer!

Dennis will definitely demolish the white fish jerky quickly yes! They are not designed to be long lasting treats, however they are almost essential treats for dental care. We strongly advise giving our white fish crunchy fingers over a Pedigree Denta Stix. The rough white fish scales remove tartar from the teeth as they crunch through it, and you don't have to worry about weight gain due to the extremely low fat content - they are 100% white fish scales. In fact, approximately 25 of our white fish fingers are the equivalent to just ONE large Denta Stix from a weight gain point of view; not to mention all the nasty ingredients such as grain, cereals and ANIMAL DERIVATIVES that they contain!

As the bites are a natural product, they can vary in size and weight from each bake. You could safely expect to receive from 100-120 bites in a 500gm bag.

I hope this helps!
Thankyou so much for all of the information! It sounds great.

I liked the look of the bites myself :)
Jimmy had another one last night - we always give them, and any other treats, to him in the kitchen which has a tiled floor as it's easier to clean up any mess. Anyway, he was given his stick when we got home from our walk and my wife had left her coat on the floor when she was wiping Jimmy down, and he decided to eat his fish jerky on her coat! :D Left some crumbs and a nice fishy smell which we had to clean off :D:D:D He does like them though, and it's funny that he seems to want to sit on something other than the floor to eat things like this (usually it's a towel we leave down or him).
Uh Oh naughty Jimmy! Dennis always has to sit on a pile of dirty washing.... if he see's me making a pile he makes a beeline for it!

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