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Bentley's Dog Food

Discussion in 'Pet Shops' started by BentleysDogFood, Jan 6, 2018.

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    Grain Free Dog Food - UK's First 82.5% Animal Ingredient - Bentley's

    The UK’s First, Grain Free, Premium Quality Dry Dog Food with 82.5% animal ingredient.
    We are a UK based, independent family business. We care passionately about dogs and believe they deserve to be fed a product that can be maintained throughout their lifetime, offering a premium food that is affordably priced. It is for this reason we spent almost three years producing a nutritious grain free, premium dog food.

    Our recipe was formulated following seven years of extensive nutritional research, using our experience of supplying naturally healthy food, treats and supplements to our Pet Clinic and Grooming clients and working closely with veterinary professionals. Carrying out this comprehensive research, gave us a full understanding of the impact that diet plays upon a dogs well being. This was essential in giving us a full insight into the benefits of feeding Bentley’s, before going into full production.

    Anyone that has visited us locally knows how passionate we are about feeding our dogs healthily. Our aim is to spread this passion amongst all dog lovers by educating nutrition and provide an affordable premium dry food for dogs of all life stages.
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