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bionic hardware pre-tested on humans, B4 going into... cows?

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by leashedForLife, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. leashedForLife

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    a surgically-insertable "FitBit", originally meant for humans, was retooled & converted for livestock - dubbed the EmbedIVet, it tracks:
    * core temp
    * pulse
    * cud-chewing
    * general activity
    * bloodborne O2 [O2 saturation]
    * sudden movement, via an accelerometer

    Subcutaneous Fitbits? These cows are modeling the tracking technology of the future

    It's installed just under the skin, with a local anaesthetic - the size is described as "the round area is a bit bigger than a quarter", but if the scale of the photo, showing a Holstein sporting one along her left jaw, is even close to reality, that central disc is a little larger than a HALF-DOLLAR, not a 'quarter'.
    The coin-type battery is expected to last about 3-years.
    FYI, a cow's eye is about the same diameter as a 1-dollar U-S coin. ;)

    - terry


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