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Boarding For Sighthounds (igs)

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by Bessy, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Bessy

    Bessy New Member Registered

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    Hello, can anyone recommend boarding in North Wiltshire/ South Gloucestershire?

    The kennels we normally use has changed hands and I'm not comfortable with the new owners management, therefore looking for somewhere else to use.

    We have 2 IG's so want somewhere they are used to sighthounds and small dogs.

  2. ~Sarah~

    ~Sarah~ Active Member Registered

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    I can't advise about kennels, but have you looked for anyone in your area who boards dogs in their own home - I feel happier with this arrangement than them going in to kennels.

    My niece does this in Sussex (obviously no good for you). I occasionally take over when she goes on holiday (owners are all aware). The dogs always seem very happy there - it's like home from home and many stay regularly with her.

    Try NARP - The National Association of Registered Petsitters (hope that is correct).

    Good luck
  3. Chaumsong

    Chaumsong Member Registered

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    It's very much a personal choice but I would much rather have mine in a secure kennels that I am happy with than in someones home. As long as I like the kennels, the owners and anyone else who works there I feel happier that my dogs are secure and will still be there when I get back. My worry with home boarding is that it would be easier for a dog to escape, few homes have the double gates that are mandatory in kennels.

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