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Brindle female greyhound lost tq12/tq13 liverton

Discussion in 'Missing Dogs' started by cwoffindale, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. cwoffindale

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    Edit : Sorry I should have said Liverton / Bovey Tracey / Ilsington in South Devon.

    Rosie, our female Brindle greyhound ran away when walking in Plantation woods behind Liverton and between Bovey Tracey and Heathfield when she was spooked by another dog at 10am on Thursday 24th October.

    She has since been sighted at 3pm in Ilsington heading into Trumpeter's Lane off the main road in Ilsington where she ran away from a lady trying to catch her. She was then seen again later at 10.30pm in Ilsington Village on 24th October. She was also seen at 10am the next morning on Friday 25th October again going into Trumpeter's Lane off the main road in Ilsington just below the entrance to the Ilsington Country Hotel.

    Rosie is relatively smallish greyhound and is brindle in colour , wearing a tan slim leather collar which may well look dark brown or black now it is wet. She has a greying muzzle and face and a small flecked scars on her legs She still has her dew claws. She is quite bald on her underside.

    She is friendly but is generally timid and scared of other dogs.

    We were initially searching all of Thursday and Friday morning in the woods and around Liverton where she first went missing but received a phone call from a lady who had seen the lady trying to catch her in Trumpeter's lane on the Thursday at about 2pm and have since been searching all around the Ilsington, Brimley, Bovey Tracey and Liverton area. We are not sure if she is able to get out onto the moors whether she can slip through fields to avoid the cattle grids but she has travelled ~5 miles from where we lost her to the sightings in Ilsington. We have no further sightings as yet after 10am in Ilsington on Friday 25th October.

    Any information would be hugely appreciated and there is a reward offered for her safe return.




    Rosie - Missing.jpg
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