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Brutal heat / high humidity clobbering the Northeastern U-S

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by leashedForLife, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. leashedForLife

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    I hope it’s cooled off in the UK somewhat - yesterday & today reached 90’F & 92’F, respectively, over 100 both days for the heat index (how it “feels” or affects U).

    Tomm (Wed) is expect to hit 96’F with the same high humidity... I don’t intend to leave the AC, except for a brief excursion thru the common hallway on our floor, to reach the lift & the lovely cool basement (for laundry; 4 loads, white towels/ bedding, colors, darks, & mine).

    Someone on our floor refuses to use their AC, as U pay for the electricity consumed, so they insist on opening the WINDOWS in the hall at the lift foyer, & the end of our “wing”. This is very exasperating, as the AC in the common areas isn’t reconnected yet, other than the ground floor foyer & Community Room. // So the hallways on all floors are vulnerable to the cheap dingbats who think letting 90’F air full of city crud into the building, is “cooling”.
    Entering the hallway from our apt is like walking into a really cruddy sauna, with the stink of diesel exhaust & sticky heat. Blarrgh.

    I am looking forward to my laundry duty -my client is sitting much of the time, & as heat rises, he’s literally in a cooler zone of the room, while I walk about sweating — lightly, but nonstop.
    The laundry room is overcooled to compensate for the running dryers, so it’s about 70’.
    :D. Delightful. :)

    How is everyone coping? —- is it still hot & dry over much of the UK?
    I heard Portugal & Spain were sizzling! :eek:

    We are predIcted to slide into some early-fall temps come Sat, with daytimes in the low 70s & night lows in the 60s... I can’t wait! Yippee!

    - terry


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