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Don't let the cutest fool you!! :rolleyes:
People approach him all the time and say things like "Awe, look at the cute puppy!"
Their love struck faces soon change when he starts barking at them.. .Which he always does! :(
Please check out my thread "Bossy pup with 4 previous homes."
He's a JRT X (with a long haired) deer head Chihuahua, apparently. Our vet thinks he has some dachshund in him because his body is SO long. :D

Awwww, he's so sweet! I shall respond to your other thread later - not that I'm an expert, but I have lived with an occasionally grumpy dog for the past 8 years;)
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I have a similar puppy, an angel when she is asleep, not so much when hse is awake!!! We also have barking issues. I will read your other post and maybe I can get some tips from the experts too!!
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