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Change in behaviour


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My 9 year old Lhasa Maltese cross’ behaviour has changed in recent weeks. He’s always been an alert dog barking at the doorbell etc but recently he seems so nervy jumping if we just move or he hears a sound. He whines at us even though he’s fed, watered,walked etc and gets plenty of attention. Any advice would be appreciated it really is getting us down
Any sudden change merits a vet check - at his age, probably including blood work.

Dogs are very stoic about showing pain, but it can cause behaviour changes so a thorough check is a first step.
Having had the health check, could there be static shock anywhere in the home or car? Are there new computer games causing noise audible to dogs but not humans? New kitchen appliance that vibrates or squeals? Same for close neighbours - when I lived in a thin-walled newbuild, my neighbour's dog used to freak out when my washing machine went into the spin cycle. That was easily fixed, and I hope your dog's problem is too.

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