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Changes; Why oh why!

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Oh how I hate new changes. Why fix it if it aint broke!
I loved the forum as it was, easy to use, and I knew where I was, and where I was going; Ohh
Honestly - you will get used to it quite quickly, and not even be able to remember what it was like before. Oliver does have plans for the forum, so we may see more changes in the coming weeks. We all have those 'Argh, different, I don't like different!' moments (I do, anyway), but we adapt very quickly.
I feel your pain! I've just started clicking on things and I'm not even sure if they have always been there or are new... found some things I have been looking for though I think! Haha, I curse my anti tech brain!! I keep wanting to put a smilie now @JudyN has said go easy on them, it's like seeing a wet paint sign and I just have to have a little touch!:rolleyes:
I have just lost my last reply!! Grrr
These changes are fine for those who grew up with computers at school. I grew up not even being aloud to have a calculator in the classroom (maybe they had not long been invented ! ) Haa haa. We had to use our own brains to work things out, and we learnt our times tables the proper way too. So there !
I must admit I dont like the new layout either or colour ....
The colour hasn't changed for me - what colours are you seeing?

Oh - edited to say since I replied, it's all gone black! Is that what you meant?
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It still looks purple to me. But this might be something we can control. On the right-hand side of the home page, below the bit about 'Free membership', there's a button labelled 'Settings'. If you click on that, you have the choice between 'Dog Forum Light' and 'Dog Forum Dark'. If everything's dark, try changing it back to 'Dog Forum Light'.

Though tweaks are under way, so anything could happen in the next half hour... :oops:
Thanks @JudyN .

Here's a screenshot that might help people.

I was somewhat surprised and have no idea of the rationale behind the change. However, it looks super and it’s something for we ‘more advanced’ citizens to take on. I’ve had a go at searching for items and it’s worked well. And the sun’s just come out…whoppee.
Closing this thread, please continue to place your constructive feedback here.
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