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So you’ve decided you want to get a dog/puppy for the first time ….. What breed do you get!?

You’ve gone through the realities you’ll face when getting a dog and have decided you can do this! (yay) SO what breed do you choose!?

Use the questions below as a guide:

  • How much exercise can you provide your dog?
  • What coat type would you prefer? Do you have time to manage a dog with long hair!?
  • How often can you groom your dog?
  • Do you suffer allergies? Do you need a dog that doesn’t malt?
  • Do you live in the town or country?
  • What type of home do you live in? Small house, large house or flat?
  • Do you have a garden? How big is it?
  • What size dog would you prefer?
  • What temperament do you want? Each breed has a different temperament. Some dogs have been bred to work, some to guard and some to sit on your lap! Below are some examples:

Airdale Terrier = Energetic, courageous and outgoing

French Bulldog = playful, affectionate and easygoing

Golden Retriever = Loyal, friendly and kind

Boarder Collie = Obedient, intelligent and tenacious

Boxer = Devoted, confident and fearless

Great Dane = Gentle, loving and HUGE!

Chihuahua = Lively, quick and devoted
I would add - is the breed you are keen on known for congenital conditions (Cavaliers for example commonly have heart conditions; Pugs, French Bulldogs and other flat faced - brachycephallic - breeds commonly have breathing problems and dental and soft palate problems) so have the parents been properly health tested not to pass these on. Also what Insurance can you realistically take out?

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