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criminal carelessness: 8-MO infant dies, attacked in a *bouncing chair*

Discussion in 'Dog Behaviour and Training' started by leashedForLife, May 31, 2018.

  1. leashedForLife

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    link to the news story:
    8-month-old baby girl dies after she was attacked by pet dog in Florida

    I am going to quote the article, & then state why i think the parents & grandmother should be charged with manslaughter & child endangerment.


    - Granny left the baby ALONE IN A ROOM, AWAY FROM HER, in a house with 3 dogs over 40# each.
    - She LEFT THE DOOR OPEN for the dog - how convenient. :mad:
    - She put the baby IN A BOUNCY-CHAIR, low to the ground, like a dangling chew-toy.

    - the family KEPT A DOG FOR 3 OR 4 YEARS from puphood, who REPEATEDLY & CONTINUALLY would attack their child.
    - THEY DID NOTHING to address the behavior. Management inevitably FAILS.

    Sorry, but these ppl, riven with grief as they no doubt are, deserve jail time, IMO.
    Pediatricians have warned parents for years that bouncy-chairs are the equivalent of luring a dog to bite. No excuses.

    - terry


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