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I think I've mentioned, I have a couple of crows that follow me around on our walk.

Today, half a dozen crows in the garden (which may or may not have included my familiars) were shouting at a cat on my garden wall and chased it away. I always chase cats out of the garden, not because I dislike them but because I'm worried Timber chases them and does himself an injury.

Obviously the first thought is that they had young nearby. But, I've never seen any, they weren't nesting in our tree and the closest trees to us are in the direction they chased the cat towards.

I know they are smart but surely it's not possible they have been watching me, and decided to help?

The more I write this, the more ridiculous it sounds. I must be anthropomorphising?
Yes, you are a bit - just a bit. Crows and other corvids will mob and harass any "enemies" and try to drive them away, whether they have young or not. Cats are most definitely "enemies".
I reckon they were helping you...:rolleyes:😂and themselves of course!...

Last year I had a young pair of magpies that nested in a bush in my next door neighbours garden. I was actively chasing the cats away for them and sometimes I swear they were shouting at me for back up, I believe they were aware of my help... Inevitably they lost their babies to one cat in particular and abandoned the nest. This year they went 3 doors down and nested high in a tree(much to my relief!) and it was amazing watching them patrol the area avidly and shout, tap their beaks etc at every single cat in the area it seemed. I do believe they knew I had their back because when the cats were not budging I'd go out and shoo them away( I may or may not of used a water pistol at times!)and the magpies never seemed to worry that my shooing was directed at them... they successfully raised 4 young this year, so proud! 😊
I just wonder how many baby songbirds and raided nests of eggs the parents have used to rear their own babies !

I don't like to think of that, I watched Springwatch this year and it was ruthless! Nevermind a dog eat dog world, it's a literal bird eat bird world out there!
I just wonder how many baby songbirds and raided nests of eggs the parents have used to rear their own babies !
I get that. Nature is cruel. But when it comes to keeping cats out of my garden, I'll take what I can get!
And songbirds eat dragonflies, ospreys and otters eat fish, dogs eat chickens, foxes eat rabbits, hawks eat crows, we eat pigs... If we love songbirds, we would do better to stop using pesticides that contribute to insect armageddon and/or harm the birds directly, agricultural approaches that in effect kill the soil and all that lives in it, and take action against the trapping of songbirds in Europe and other countries than worrying about corvids doing what they are meant to do. Songbirds are lovely, but it's only our particular perspective that means we see them as more valuable than, say, worms or slugs.
Yes it is all natural and the survival of the fittest. That's life unfortunately!
We humans do nature no favours at all. When did you last have a squashed fly on the windscreen! I can't remember.
And if the insects, very close to the bottom of the food chain, die off then ultimately so does everything higher up, including us :( Sorry, I'm bug obsessed. You could say it's a bugbear of mine ;)
Invertebrates are truly the meek who will inherit the earth. Meanwhile I enjoy our company of songbirds. Speciesist, moi?
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Interestingly I saw on the news how well the storks are doing now after being re introduced in West Sussex, the extra interesting bit was how much life there, sometimes 1 tonne, nests have attracted too, from insect life to other birds.
A very successful reintroduction down my way is ospreys:
I spend far too much time watching this nest of four - we must have an excellent supply of fish in Poole Harbour, as it's unusual for parents to be able to raise four young, but these are so well fed there haven't been any squabbles, which is also unusual!

The older ones are beginning to exercise their wings, sometimes disappearing off the top of the screen before they land again. It won't be long till they fledge...
Afraid that in my neck of the woods it’s the wild boar which present a nuisance. I’ve taken to avoid certain areas to walk Mabel in Spring. There have been casualties with dogs. When does control become cruel?

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