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Dates for 2016


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As I don't use Facebook does anyone have dates for next year ?
These are copied over from Andy O'Brien's post the UK Pedigree Whippet Racing page on Facebook - I dont know how accurate they are.

27th March. Whippet charity Open @ Andover
10th April Help for Heroes Sporting Champs. TBC
24th April NPWRA Champs @ Andover 150yds + vets
1st May Northern springtime open.
8th May WCRA Champs @ Maidstone 150yds
15th May Heart of England Open. 150yds
22nd May Andover open.
29th May NPWRA Champs @ Northern 175yds + vets
12th June Gloucester Open.
19th June WCRA Champs 240yds Bend
26th June Dave Brown open @ East Anglia
3rd July NPWRA Champs @ Andover 185yds +vets
10th July Gloucester Open.
17th July Dougie Mac Dash @ heart of England 150yds straight. In aid of Macmillan and cancer research..
24th July Northwest Champs.
7th Aug NPWRA Champs @ Gloucester 150yds + vets
7th Aug WCRA Champs 170yds
14 Aug East Ayrshire summer classic
21st Aug West Cornwall Charity Open
28th Aug West Cornwall Open
11th Sept Andover open.
18th Sept NPWRA Champs @ HOE 240yd bend
25th Sept Heart of England Bend 240yds
2nd Oct WCRA bend Champs 240yd @ Maidstone
16th Oct Northwest Champs.

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