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Degenerative Arthritus

Discussion in 'Hound' started by whippetmitch, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. whippetmitch

    whippetmitch New Member Registered

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    Poor Mitch has done it again. Last year he kept going lame and after a full investigation with the Vet we found he had arthritus in his toe, so after several attempts to get and keep him sound he had a partial amputation of the toe. Alas he did it again last weekend chasing after one of the JR's, and this time the joint was so bad that he has had to have it taken off justbelow the drew claw area. :(

    He is now feeling very sore and I was wondering if anyone knows what if there is anything available to help stop this happening again. I don't really want him to spend the rest of his life on a lead all the time. Extreamly worried about this happening again and what the consequences could be.

    Please help.

    ps I can't spell either! :D


    CHRIS DOYLE New Member Registered

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    Yes, its a sad state of affairs when a dog is diagnosed with that complaint. I cannot offer advice but can empathise as we took one of our lurchers to the vet today as she has been limping and showing herself to be unsound on one front leg. After a great deal of feeling and prodding etc, it transpires that she has early arthritis in both front legs. She is only five years old. She had a toe amputated earlier this year following a period of trying to make the broken toe heal. The vet's view was that the toe did not heal due to the onset of the condition. She has been given Rimadyl and we have been assured that the problem can be controlled. Our expectation however is that her racing days may be over.

    If that wasn't enough , we are to take a whippet to the vet for investigation as she has developed a limp of late . She is fine when out running and rabbiting but stiffens up when in the house. We shall see.

    I do hope that my revaletions have not diverted attention from your specific question but as my problems were related , I thought i would mention them

    Good luck to you.

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