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New Home Needed Desparately unhappy in kennels, foster or furever for tj


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A D O P T E D !!

Please meet TJ. He's a super dinky Staffy boy who was an absolute gentleman with every other dog he met out on his woodland walk today and in his former home his best friends and playmates were 2 cats!

At 7 years of age he's a steady little chap, little bit nervous with sudden movements but he's struggling with kennels after being in a home from 8 weeks of age until last week.

He had a fab time today with our lovely volunteer and her teenage boy, and we would very much like to find TJ a loving stable home very soon, he's just such a sweetie!

Good with dogs AND cats too, older kids only if any and a calm home please - he deserves a chance to get his self esteem back

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