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Do Whippets Need Grooming?

(w00t) Of course they need grooming! You wouldn't leave your hair without combing or brushing would you? Deeer (w00t)
Well no - but I can guarantee my hair is a lot longer than a whippets!! :lol:

Having never had one or stroked one - its a reasonable question that could be answered with a bit more info! :)
a whippet has got a short coat which is smooth and silky if they are brushed often, just like any other dog

I give mine a quick brush once a week and check for thorns etc- I use a soft bristle brush and they seem to quite like it. They do not shed and their coat is short and clean- I would say that they dont smell, but one of mine dedicates most of his time to making sure he does smell..of anything smelly he finds to roll in!! :rant:
I have a hound glove which is ancient but still seems to work quite well, I go over them a couple of times a week. I also use a Zoom Groom which is a rubber grooming brush type thing (I'm so technical)which is superb when they are casting their coats and they love, must be a bit like a massage for them.

Other than that they have their nails trimmed regularly and walking in the rain gives their coats a lovely softness but it does nothing for my hair!

I use a (horse) rubber curry comb to brush my dogs it's the best thing to get loose hair out in my opinion plus the dogs love it cos its like a massage tool too :)
Picture me jealous of all of you people who don't have heavy duty grooming to do :)

Next dog will be a smooth coat.
they do need their nails trimmed, most whippets don't wear their nails down sufficiently just by walking

I would use a hound glove, not a brush, occasionally, and daily hand stroking
I really need to meet some of you so I can have whippet cuddles and strokes!

Anyone in Andover?
my whip x hardly needs a brush but yeah its always done sumtimes you can get away with just your fingers, i massage mine most days they love it. and as for his nails ive never cut his feet but dew claws get done.

banana if i was near you id be there quick as a flash x :* hahaha.
As well as keeping the coat and skin in good order, regular grooming gets the dog used to be handled all over and it is a perfect time to examine your dog for any unusual lumps, bumps, skin abnormalities and parasites that you might not otherwise notice with your eyes alone. So yes, whippets, just like all other dogs should be groomed. :thumbsup:

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