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Selling new website - natural dog treats

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Good morning all,

I hope this post is allowed, if not please remove immediately. I tried to click the permission for trade ads but link seems to be broken or not visible.

I am pleased to bring to the forum my website . This is solely an all natural dog treat website dedicated to offering the UK with only the best quality dog treats at competitive prices.

Having launched our facebook page yesterday the feedback and warm welcome has been fantastic, with our first order being placed only 10mins after launching.

With our current pricing and quality I believe we will make many dogs (and owners) happy throughout the UK, but like many other online business's we are looking for as many likes and shares as possible on our facebook page to push to the next level.

Sign up to our mailing list and never miss a great offer or promotion again, only details we ask for is name and email address its that simple and its FREE.

Thank you in advance and any feedback regarding the website would be much appreciated, just send us an email.

All the Best

Team @

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