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Dogs groomed like wild animals

Well the dogs aren't going to know or mind I guess. It's not what I'd want to see or do but probably no more absurd than the classical French Poodle clip that (mercifully) you never see nowadays outside the show rings
I don't like to be a killjoy, and they do look awesome, but...

(a) Is it really in the dogs' interests to have to stand so still for so long? Is it right to make a dog accept that when he'd much rather be sleeping, playing, going for a walk... doing pretty much anything? There is no way this is really in the dog's best interest, and the urge to make their dogs look so awesome will lead the owners to ignore their needs. Look at it this way - would you make your 3-year-old child spend all day in a beauty salon having a haircut, perm, colour, eyelash extensions, makeup, manicure and pedicure, stick-on body glitter so she can look like you want her to look when she'd rather be playing in a muddy puddle?

(b) Can you really read the dog's body language properly when they're done up like that? Can you still see beyond the primped zebra to the DOG?

OK, I have a dog where I have to watch his body language if I just stick a Xmas hat on his head, and I'm sure these dogs are much more laid back, but I suspect the owners have very little idea of how their dogs are feeling, and this sort of treatment makes it even easier for them to see the dogs as big cuddly canine dolls.
What benefit is this to the dog? answer ZERO.

The fact they stand still does not mean they enjoy it. Animals who are afraid also stand very still.
Its another stupid stunt by humans who are never satistfied with the way nature intended anyone or anything to look and have to change or adjust everything ..

Mind you Im not a person who buys a dog for status , an ego boost, a fashion trend or to impress others so what do I know.
Is this mean? or is this harmless?

Dogs Groomed Like Wild Animals
I didn't understand what was meant by Dogs groomed like wild animals until I watched the video.....all those poor dogs look ridiculous and I think it's quite cruel...dogs don't have a say in the matter. I'm sure if they have the choice they wouldn't want to be painted and preened to look so ridiculous they just have to put up with it. I think the same way about people that dress their dogs up in stupid outfits....why...just get a doll to play with and let the poor dogs be dogs they are not toys.
Hmmm, interesting. I guess the dog/cat doesn't know what it looks like, how ridiculous they look! How long would all this take though? It takes long enough to do a normal cut so I can't imagine the length of time it takes to do the different colours and shapes on these 'designs'.

Well the dogs aren't going to know or mind I guess. It's not what I'd want to see or do but probably no more absurd than the classical French Poodle clip that (mercifully) you never see nowadays outside the show rings

I dislike the French poodle cut too but it actually had a practical purpose back when Poodles were working dogs. The hair was clipped with the length left on the joints and organs to protect them in the water. Fun fact for you :) ...not that that cut is needed now since they're just pets most of the time. It is a silly cut, I agree! Luckily I haven't had to do one at the salon yet!
I really don't like it, dogs should look like dogs not painted or dyed its ridiculous. Not my thing.
I think it was just on the news a few days ago about a lady wanting her pomeranians ears and the end of the tail pink, the groomer kept the colour on far too long and its ear fell off.
I agree! Dogs should be allowed dignity and given respect. I'd rather donate whatever the hair-treatment costs to the RSPCA. (Which- if you see my hair this morning :eek:- you'll guess is what I do all the time!)
Think it looks silly, but to be honest those dogs are well groomed, not matted look in perfect health, so given that I don’t have Problem, believe me, there are far worse things that I would say people do to their pets then put a but of vegetable dye on them

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