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East anglian whippet racing club 23rd february 2014

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by Carol Brown, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Carol Brown

    Carol Brown New Member Registered

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    Once again we were lucky with the weather, cloudy & blustery at times but no rain.

    The ground was perfect as always, and we raced 150 yds to Club Handicap

    I am glad that I am a trapper because what was said was that the finishes were like Open Finals .

    Well done line crew.

    Racing was as follows

    Round 1

    Race ! 2 Great Fun P 3 Vino P 1 Raffles

    Race 2 2 Tommie 1 One More Rags P 3 Charlie Cracker

    Race 3 3 Mortons M&M P 2 Jett Black P 1 Mortons Crazynite P

    Race 4 3 Riches To Rags V 2 Mortons Full Of Bounce 1 Game On

    Race 5 2 Satin Sings 1 Pip P

    Race 6 2 Secret & Lies 1 Kandi P 3 Stripey Nancy

    Race 7 2 Eddie P 1 Nip & Tuck P 3 Captain Morgan

    Race 8 2 Shakira 3 Falls Gold 1 Fenland Whisper

    Race 9 1 Ooop's A Daisy 4 Ize A Coming V 2 Jingles 3 Pop Star

    Race 10 3 Ellobeko 1 Mortons Double Take V 1 Pretty Color V

    Race 11 3 Heross V 1 Posh Paws V 2 Mortons Crazy Days V

    Race 12 2 Harry 1 Moley

    Round 2

    Race 13 1 Tommie 2 One More Rags P 3 Charlie Cracker

    Race 14 2 Satin Sings 1 Pip P

    Race 15 2 Great Fun P 1 Kandi P 3 Vino P 3 4 Posh Paw V

    Race 16 1 Raffles 2 Stripey Nancy 3 Secret & Lies 4 Heross V

    Race 17 3 Jett Black P 1 Mortons M&M P 2 Pretty Color V

    Race 18 1 Mortons Crazynite P 4 Ize A Coming V 2 Mortons Double Take V

    3 Mortons Crazy Days V

    Race 191 Game On 2 Ooops A Daisy 2 3 Jingles

    Race 20 3 Riches To Rags V 1 Mortons Full Of Bounce 2 Pop Star

    Race 21 2 Harry 1 Moley P

    Race 22 3 Nip & Tuck P 2 Captain Morgan 1 Fenland Whisper

    Round 3

    Race 24 3 Harry 1 Moley P 2 Posh Paws V

    Race 25 2 Great Fun P 4 Vino P 1 Kandi P 3 Secret & Lies

    Race 26 4 Tommie 1 Ize One More Rags P 3 Charlie Cracker 2 Captain Morgan

    Race 27 1 Nip & Tuck P 2 Fenland Whisper 3 Shakira 4 Fools Gold

    Race 28 1 Satin Sings 2 Pip P 3 Jazz V

    Race 29 3 Mortons M&M P 4 Jett Black P 1 Mortons Crazynite 4 Ooop's A Daisy

    Race 30 4 Pop Star 3 Jingles 2 Game On 1 Mortons Full Of


    Race 31 3 Bella P 2 Stripey Nancy 1 Ellobeko

    We also had trials between each round of racing, numbers not known with dogs all improving on there last outing .

    Just to memtion a few dogs, Well done Tommie getting a win under your belt,must mention Jingle now racing with the pack,, been l long hard road, but she has done it. Bella had her 1st mixed trial anf finished . I am sure she will come on in leaps & bounds now.Pip is now going from strength to strength, and must mention Moley, bless her. So frightened for so long but Rebecca she is now enjoying herself, barking at the lure behind the traps before her turn, wonderful.

    But not least is Benji, ( only One More Rags) this has been a long haul with the traps but with patience & determination he is now racing on the program Well done to you all

    Our next meeting is Sunday 9th March please book in by FridayNight/ latest Saturday morning l prior to the meeting.if you want to be included on the program .

    So tired today putting our feet up.

    See you all on the 9th

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    CHRIS DOYLE New Member Registered

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    what a great day of racing you all had! Well done to all. Benji and Moley coming on a treat!!
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