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East Anglian Whippet Racing Club

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by Carol Brown, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Carol Brown

    Carol Brown New Member Registered

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    Before we left home we did consider canceling the meeting, because of the very heavy rain, but we were expecting possibly new members so went ahead.

    We had a very wet drive through flooded areas & arrived safely, to find only one member did not turn up.

    We were all prepared to return home with out getting the equipment out but it eased off and decided to get 2 traps out & run the lure to give all the dogs a couple of runs.

    We all enjoyed this and as the weather began to deterate again & the cold getting to us we called it a day.

    Our next meeting is 18th November, lets hope for a better day

    CHRIS DOYLE New Member Registered

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    Well done to you Carol and all who turned out last Sunday. Not a day to be anywhere other than in doors. It seems you all made the best of it despite the rain.

    I was out in it with horses and have never been as wet. It can only get better!

    Hope you kept that Katie dry.

    Best wishes.

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