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Experience with english bull terriers?


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Does anyone have an English bull terrier/experience of the breed? My boyfriend is looking for a friend for his Akita. I have 2 whippets who she gets on great with but feel she needs something a bit "sturdier" to play with (plus she can't keep up with the pace of the whippets when they have a race together) and when we go out they are separated by a baby gate (only because she is big and strong and may accidently hurt the whippets.

While he would love another large breed we agree it probably isn't too practical for little old me! So we thought maybe a bull terrier or similar? Strong and sturdy and boisterous enough for her to play with but still small enough that I could handle them both? Open to other recommendations etc.
What about a staffie or staffie cross? There always seem to be these in rescue and they can be lovely dogs
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I do adore staffies and we have discussed the possibility of those too! I think that may be what we end up getting. I just love the EBT and their little faces but a staffy will be much easier to rescue I think and they are not so stubborn as the EBT...we already have a stubborn Akita lol..

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