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Favoruite online toy and supply shops?


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I found an online store (UK) with good prices and variety but sadly the customer service is lacking and what should have been a straight forward transaction has ended up being a massive pain in the bum!

Who is your favourite online retailer? Bonus points if they do free returns and are nice people if you have to telephone them!
Amazon are great for customer service and have a very wide range of pet products. The downside is sorting the fake reviews from the genuine ones. There are also a lot of retailers on this very forum, maybe asking a question in their posts might help. I'm sure others will be along in a bit with some more views.
I love Bonnie dogs, i buy all my boy's toys from their and even bought leads etc. Can't fault them.
We're starting to get a real good bunch of retailers on the forum! and I encourage them to be as active as possible :) I can always alert them to any questions asked also. So I would definitely check them out!
Am I allowed to say us (Simply2 Pet Products) We are a very nice normal,family owned and ran company, who pride ourselves of our excellent customer service. We are a relatively new company, so our range is always expanding :)

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