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Fawn And White Male Whippet Lost/stolen Se England (Mk13)

Discussion in 'Missing Dogs' started by Macha, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Macha

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    lost at end of October in Milton Keynes

    approx 2 year old male with distinctive face markings (mostly white face with fawn ears and fawn patch on one side of forehead).

    from Doglost site (I'm not sure how they would know the men in the van are gypsies or travellers??)

    • We have evidence that the dog was picked up by 3 males (Gypsy/Travellers) on Tuesday 30th October. The vehicle is described as a smart white open flat bed van,with a low cage on the back with a Business advert on the doors & the back of the vehicle advertising something to do with trees/landscaping ... The word Tree seems to stand out in the witness`s mind.
    • Phone 1 07919074363
    • Phone 2 07990862261

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