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Finding a good surgeon for hip Dysplacia up North?

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by Brad Cahill, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Brad Cahill

    Brad Cahill New Member Registered

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    Our 3 year old Retriever has severe hip dysplacia in both her hips and will need surgery. We are based in West Yorkshire but prepared to travel to get the best treatment for her. Thing is how do we start looking. I've been told North West Surgery is good but also I'm tempted to refer to the Supervet Noel if it means she gets the best treatment as it's on insurance.

    Any advice greatly appreciated thanks.
  2. Biker John

    Biker John Well-Known Member Registered

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    I have a friend that used Kentdale Veterinary Orthopaedics near Kendal and they did a brilliant job. I would be happy to use them if I ever needed any orthopaedic attention on my dog. It is a referral practice so you need to be referred by your own vet. No idea on their costings that is if they are high medium or low.
  3. JoanneF

    JoanneF Well-Known Member Registered

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    Just check with your insurance too - some approve referrals only to approved specialists on their list. For example I live in Fife, we have an amazing orthopaedic surgeon in the area but my insurer will only pay for referrals to a company in Stirling. There might be a process where they would authorise what they would pay to their approved supplier and you could pay any excess but you might need to check that.

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