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First mix of the new season.


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Today, a bit later than usual than usual I have just picked and blitzed a selection of freshly picked wild plants for the girls, and have blitzed them ready to pour over the girls dinners tonight. The mix has Nettle tops, Goose grass, Dandilion leaves flowers and roots, and some Hogweed new center leaves.
Our girls absolutely love the stomach contents of freshly killed deer, the smell of this is horrible, I could never compete with the mixture and variety of products found inside this organ, so they will just have to make do.
Can be mixed with any diet.
Was this culinary concoction last publicly aired in the first scene of the Scottish play at Stratford? Excuseme, couldn't you locate an adequate supply of "eye of newt" or even "toe of frog"? All sounds yummy.
Hmm, other side of the South Downs from here, Dundfold for Newts and Petworth for Frogs. Naah, too far can't be bothered.
Other than that I don't know where they grow or where to look for them!!
Loads on the Common at Witley when I was at school there (during the Crimea).
Sounds fab! Your wonderful veggie version @excuseme, not the deer stomach contents, as good as they be!🤢🤮😂

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