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@Oliver , would it be possible to add a laughing smiley to the ones we can embed within the post? Also, we used to have a green grinning smiley - any chance of having that one back please?

I also find that if I insert a smiley in a post I can't then move the cursor to continue typing after the smiley - if I want to add text after the smiley I need to write the text first, then go back and insert the smiley where I want it.
😅 this is a laughing smilie, no? Is the issue with typing on mobile or desktop?
Is the issue with typing on mobile or desktop?
Laptop - this is a screenshot of the smilie options I have (there's more if I scroll down, but I still can't see a laughing one). I also think there may be an issue with typing more text after adding photos, screenshots, etc., but haven't investigated beyond this post.

Screenshot (151).png
Liking the new look, thanks to all who contributed.

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