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Fun day september 1st. inch farm kincardine.

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by cindy, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. cindy

    cindy New Member Registered

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    Come and join in with us at Kincardine for our Annual Fun Day, plenty of show classes for the Whippets-Hounds-Beagles all pets, classes for all.

    Plenty of fun for the kids, -Bouncy Castle- shooting Gallery- shoot in with the Goalie.

    Everyone welcome, bring your family and friends with their dogs and enjoy a brilliant day out.

    Racing will be on with the Beagle Derby - Whippets racing- lurchers and Hounds racing and all who would like a shot with their dogs at chase the bunny.

    Judging the Whippets will be Mrs. Viv Coulter from Ireland, and the Beagles Mrs. E.Lister. Hounds Mr. G.McCall.

    Starts at 10am. Sunday 1-9-13 at Inch Farm Kincardine on fourth.

    Details are on the Scottish Thistle P.W.R.C. Forum and also on face-book Scottish Thistle P.W.R.C.

    For more information contact

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  2. Blue wrecking it

    Blue wrecking it New Member Registered

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    Is there more than there was last year for the kids?

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