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Gloucester results

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by LJH, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Sorry for the delay in posting the results but I was absolutely shattered after Sunday.Very pleased with all the many nice comments. We all worked hard to make things run well and it is very satisfying to know it was worthwhile.

    Main 14-19lb

    Hts:- Sweet Horizon, Conway Skye, Kinda Hush.

    Semis:- Kinda Hush, Ameesha Little Ebs Kinda Hush

    Final:- 1st Swweet Horizo, n, 2nd Ameesha Little ebs, 3rd Kinda Husn, 4th Conway Skye

    Cons:- Mortons M&M


    Hts:- Millworths Back, Belle of the Ball, Dark Delight, NPWRCh Polly Flinders.

    Semis:-Dark Delight, NPWRCh Polly Flinders

    Final:- 1st Dark Delight,, 2nd, NPWRCh Polly Flinders, 3rd .Millworths Back, 4th Kinda Busy

    Cons:- 1st Here Comes Trouble, 2nd Zula Go Quick


    Hts:- NPWRCh Quiver, Fools Gold, Somedog, Wilsdon Brindle Star

    Semi:- NPRCh Quiver, Fools Gold

    Final:- 1st Somedog, 2nd Bring It Back, 3rd Fools Gold, 4th NPWRCh Quiver

    Cons;- Savernake Sporting Gun, 2nd Up for It, 3rd Sydney, 4th Backchat


    Hts:- Shakira, Spikes Midnight Run, Mesmeriser

    Sem:- Maeve, Spikes Midnight Run

    Final:- 1st Shakira, 2nd Maeve, 3rd Hearcat, 4th Spikes Midnight Run

    Cons:- 1st Dillinger,2nd Ahoy Ramona, w/d Duncton Two Tone


    Hts Warhorse, NPWRCh Chermayeff, Just Maybe

    Semi Darkling Drifter, Chermayeff

    Final 1st Chermayeff, 2nd Darkling Drifter, 3rd Warhorse,4th Duncton Spirit of the Wind

    Cons;- 1st Xchange, 2nd Wilsdon Starr,3rd Herbie Hood, 4th Blackthorn Bob

    That is the Mains concluded.
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