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Had my female cocker scanned on 30 days said nothing?


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She seems to have bigger teats eating more and belly a little bigger she would be 34 days today.
Scans aren't all that accurate, so there may be a pup or some hidden away, or she may be empty, and there's nothing you can do either way. So fingers crossed for a good result, but you'll have to wait to nearly the full term to find out! And pregnancy being what it is, even if there were pups showing halfway through, it doesn't mean they will survive to full term. So save your money and hope for the best. Generally at 8 weeks you can feel and see them moving inside, but if there are only one or two, they may stay hidden.
There is no need to increase her food until much later in the pregnancy (if there is one).
You don't want a very small number of puppies that are too big or maybe mum is too fat to get them out. You should watch her body condition and feed her accordingly, more or less. The first few days after birth mum will not be making too much milk and you can always increase food to suit the size of liter after they are born. It's best to get sensible sized puppies out safely first.
Larger nipples do not always mean she is pregnant, this is this can be just hormones reacting or maybe a false pregnancy. Time will tell.

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