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Harness for greyhound.


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Hello everyone,

I’m new here and lucky, future ex racing greyhound owner!
I would like to ask experience greyhound owners if that kind of harness will be ok for that kind of dog?

Thank you for all the answers!


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I've not owned a greyhound, but am a big fan of them :) I'm not familiar with this harness, but it is a Y-shaped harness which is better than the ones with a strap going straight across the area.

The harnesses that I've seen recommended the most are Perfect Fit, so you might want to look at these. They have the advantage that the components are 'mix and match', so work for a dog who, say, has a deeper chest than the average. The company is very helpful, and happy to exchange individual components that aren't quite right.
I don’t have a greyhound but really wanted (still do 😀) an Italian greyhound and did a bit of research about their needs. I would recommend checking with greyhound specific websites and chat groups as I know they do need different collars and perhaps also harnesses to more robust dogs 😀 I am so pleased you are checking what would suit your new family member best. I hope to see photos of your new friend soon
I dont have a greyhound but I have a dog with a super high prey drive and a tip from a greyhound owner led me to the houdini type antiescape harness. basically the Y sort with an extra strap to stop them backing out and escaping.

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