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Heidi the Shih Tzu Puppy


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I would like to introduce our new puppy,a Shih Tzu named Heidi,9 weeks old today,born August 16th,same date my Grandmother(Mom's mother) was born in 1892.I saw an ad online,there were 5 Shi Tzus for sale,one was sold the previous day,we went a week ago yesterday to look at them,they all wagged their tails when they saw us.the parents are purebred and are registered,they are the family pets.Heidi took a shine to both of us,cuddled in Mom's coat and on my lap,the parents liked me,the both licked my face and gave me kisses,plus sat with me.We had a sleepless first night,she cried in her bed down here,then brought her upstairs to my room,cried again,Mom then took her to her room,was quiet a few minutes,went back to the bed,pooped in it,Mom had ot take the bed out,she still cried tried a transistor radio,worked a bit but she still cried.At around 5 the next morning,she had to go out so took her out and then took her to my bed and she stayed there for an hour.She likes to nip toes and fingers,she in the puppy stage,it will pass,she knows to ask to go in the house,she has learned to go to a gate at the entry to the rec room to go out so that is a good start. She has a bed she sleeping upstairs,doesn't use it down here,she is always close to me.Plays with toys upstairs,a couple of stuffies ,one is the Monkey Fritz had,a rope toy shaped like a bone and a Kong.When she gets out on the patio,loves to run before she does her business .She has two meals a day plus water,she takes food from the dish into the living room and eats it then goes back and gets more,repeating this few times.She is glad to see me in the morning,little tail going,once in gives me kisses,had a cuddle with mom this morning when i got my cereal ready.
Aww what a gorgeous baby she is, her name suits her too :wub:

Hope she settles easier in the night now and your all getting your sleep :))
Woo Hoo! didn't think you'd last long without a four legged friend around!

Heidi looks very cute!
Aww , little Heidi is sooooo cute :wub:

Sounds like she is getting you trained already ;)
welcome heidi

barry she is a cutie

born on my birthday

wishyou and mum all the luck in the world with her
Heidi looks so adorable and a very pretty name too. :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

So pleased you and your Mum have another dog to love and enjoy. :thumbsup:

Good luck with her settling in. :luck: :luck: Looking forward to seeing loads of photos as she grows up. :)
Heidi looks adorable :wub: Can't wait for all your photo's of her growing up :D
Congratulations on your new puppy Heidi.... :wub: I hope you have a very long and happy life together... :))
What a lucky pup, she's going to be loved to bits. She is sooo sweet :wub: :wub:
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy you have a new baby! Heidi is so lovely! She is a very lucky girl to have you as her new daddy! Bet you your and mum are over the moon :thumbsup:
Heidi under the coffee table October 10th looking at me,her head tilted,playing down here in her bed,stretched out in front of mom's chair,sitting up tight to mom's chair and cuddling next to Mom in the chair.This morning,had a tug of war with Mom with the rope toy then had a blitz around the living room barking.After all this playing,she had a rest,Taffy came again to give Marlene some rest,she came home from the hospital yesterday.Once Taffy was here,Heidi chased her down the hall and back into the kitchen,Taffy then went to down here to snooze on the couch,was down here most of the day.Heidi chased her outside around the patio,barking at her,Taffy didn't care.Heidi sits on the kitchen mat in front of the sink for water and her food..She knows pretty well to go out when she is down here,sits by the plastic lattice gate and I take her out,tonight,put here out, she went before I got out there..Tonight,she has snoozed under the coffee table and now under the end table.
Heidi is divine!!! Love the pic of her on the coffee table, cheeky madam...great pics :)
Heidi with a Bear stuffy in the kitchen October 11th,crawling up Larry's tummy,it was Thanksgiving that day and they came for supper,Heidi chased Taffy around and tried to kiss her,didn't work,Taffy was looking for Fritz,didn't realize he passed away and under the my chair,don't give her people food,she eats Purina Beneful which was Fritz's food,eats it twice a day.This morning,Heidi was crying at quarter after 5,wasn't getting up that early to get her up,I got dressed in case she did it again and she did at quarter to 6 so went and got her up and too her out.After,We put Fritz's old bed in,she had made only 1 mess in two weeks.We just have to get her trained at going out from upstairs.She played for a couple of hours then had a snooze in another bed.She now cuddles with us in the chairs in the living room,in mine she stands with front paws on the arm of the chair and looks outside.Tonight,she has been out twice and had water,now snoozing behind the chair,earlier had herself half under the chair,a similar thing Fritz did with the couch next to the TV.We are going to take on short rides in the van to get her used to riding and maybe she won't get car sick.
Oh my goodness , little Heidi is such a beauty :wub:
Heidi resting with her Bear stuffy up in the living room October 12th,playing with a sock,playing with the Bear stuffy,playing with a Kong,flipped over behind the chair and beside me at the computer and down here resting her head on the bed.This morning,Heidi woke me up at 10, after 4 needing out then at 25 after 4,5 to 5,20 after 5 and the last time 20 to 6,the second last time didn't do anything.She had breakfast then had a play with me,still bites at you,put Tabasco sauce on our arms and socks,she licks it,doesn't like it and runs around the bed,also use a spray bottle of water,it works to some degree.On the weekend,tried walking her on a leash,the collar is too small on her and ,won't stay in place and probably why she won't walk with it on until it fits right.She finally had a rest after being pu so early,cuddled with and me,snores up a storm.She was down here with me this afternoon,had a play and rested,had her supper,has been out a few times tonight,not all legitimate,drinks rain water.Tonight,has walked along the ledge of the fireplace and the couch,is now having a rest under the old stereo.
Aww I love the first picture of Heidi flat out with her teddy, so cute :wub:
Heidi with her head resting on the stuffy bear October 13th,playing with a small Kong and resting beside the same bear.She had a good sleep ,slept until 6:30 this morning,went out then had breakfast and back in again,greeted Mom,sat with her as I had my cereal,She had a little play upstairs,brought her down here ,mom was at the hairdressers.We had company today,Bev and Irene come to see Heidi for the first time,she greeted them with likes kisses and tail wags that never quit.We had coffee and doughnuts in the kitchen,Heidi went from Bev and Irene,wanting to be picked up.We then went to the living room where she did the same thing and had snoozes on the carpet,then had Tuna and Salmon sandwiches for lunch,went to the living room again.they went home around 2,Bev has a bit of Arthritis,Irene is good,up to 120 pounds,Heidi kissed then both goodbye,something Fritz never did.Heidi had her supper,then down here and has had a play with her toys,had a snack of her food,been out a few times and had a few naps,now having a wander around the rec room.

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