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Help about vaccinations!

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by lewyjenks, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. lewyjenks

    lewyjenks New Member Registered

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    my puppy has had his first vaccines and these were the nobivac dhp and the nobivac l4, he had these on the 04/06/15.

    he had these before we bought him, and we were instructed by the breeder that he would need his next ones 2 weeks after his first ones. we booked a vet appointment but when we got the she said that he couldnt have his next ones till 4 weeks after his first ones, and i am getting mixed opinion on this. i dont really know anything about this sort of thing so would be really greatful if someone could help me!!
  2. goldenbear2013

    goldenbear2013 New Member Registered

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    I'm honestly not sure but personally I would go with what the vet says!

    Unfortunately it does mean having to wait a little longer before you can walk him and mix him with other dogs, but at least you know he will be vaccinated properly.

    Sophie x

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