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Help new puppie

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by shaunacerise, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. shaunacerise

    shaunacerise New Member Registered

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    Hi ive recently got a sharpay pup shes now 16weeks old and ive had her 3weeks. I just need some help an advice on what's beat to do because in struggling now she isn't trained and wees and poos in house she does get walked twice a day an does toilet outside. How can i get her to stop ive tried tapping nose rubbing nose in it. Tried training pads she just rips them up! Now shes started going in my daughters toy box and biting an ripping up her things. And tipping ny bin up and emptying it out all over. She only acts like this is if im out sometimes it can be a matter of half hour. IM bleaching and mopping floors twice a day because i don't want house smelling in also expecting my second child and don't want to be doing this once new baby arrives. Any advice would be brill.
  2. Oreo

    Oreo New Member Registered

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    Hi & welcome,

    Firstly i'd say stop with the rubbing nose in it, doesn't work. Dog cannot assosiate what they've done wrong.

    Secondly pups of that age need more than two walks. Generally lots of little walks rather than two big walks as there bones are still developing.

    Now puppy pads. I don't like them. Some people do but I don't. If the dog is weeing or pooing in the house carry the dog outside to finish. Praise the dog with a treat and fuss and tell them how much of a good girl she is. Make a fuss of the good and ignore the bad.

    At the minute she is probably confused between puppy pads and outside. If you use pads, you have to use them properly otherwise the pup will just get confused.

    Regarding the toys and biting. She's a pup. She needs to learn to bite so that she can learn to control it. Again, if she starts to bite things introduce a toy of her own to replace it with.

    Eventually she will learn what is right as long as your consistant with her.
  3. fetchdoggy

    fetchdoggy New Member Registered

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    Hi there,

    Just like babies, pups will naturally behave in these ways and you have to work on it by rewarding with treats etc.

    Have you tried or considered crate training? There are some useful videos and info about it on the internet. This helps in many ways.

    As for the chewing, always offer toys and teach your pup to chew these.

    Good luck, it is a challenging time for you!
  4. chelynnah

    chelynnah Whippet Servant Registered

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    Puppies are not born knowing right from wrong. What you are describing is normal puppy behaviour. Just like babies they need to be taught and to learn. You'd never leave a newborn or toddler to just figure it out on their own?

    Rubbing noses in their business may have been the way to do things 30-40 years ago, but that really never taught them anything except to be afraid of you and afraid of doing their business anywhere. You need to take the puppy outside and teach it where to go using positive rewards of praise and treats when it gets things right, and ignoring or just a no (only if caught in the act) when it gets things wrong.

    Puppies need to go out OFTEN. At 16 weeks you can count on at least every two hours - you MUST take her out and not rely on her to tell you when she needs to go. Get rid of puppy pads (they only teach the dog that it's ok to go in the house) and take the puppy out and STAY with puppy till she's done her business. While she is doing it praise her like crazy and give her a treat. I keep a pot of small soft chewy treats by my back door for training. I take one or two out with me, and as the puppy is doing what they're supposed to I praise and give them a treat either while they're doing it or the second they're done before they've had a chance to move after finishing.

    The rule in my house with a pup is 'If the feet touch the floor it goes outside'. That means if puppy wakes up from a nap and feet hit the floor you pick it up and carry it straight outside (don't give her a chance to have an accident on the way out). If puppy is playing manically and stops - pick up and take straight outside. Before and after meals - outside. Every couple of hours - outside. Set her up for success not failure.

    Find a word (we use 'go potty' others use 'hurry up' or 'be quick' or 'be clean') to mean doing their business and praise 'good girl go potty' when they're doing it and then work the command is so you're telling her.

    As for the biting and chewing - you need to redirect it. You need to monitor the pup, and pups should be restricted when you can't be watching, either in a crate, or tethered to you with a long leash. She shouldn't have access to the whole house and be able to chew everything. Put a lid on the daughter's toybox, or put it higher than puppy can reach.

    This is not going to get easier in the near future - it is WORK. And if you are expecting another baby, then I can guarantee that just about the time you have the new baby, is about the time that puppy will regress (naturally - they hit a 'teenage' phase) and will need even more attention, that you won't have the time to give it.

    Not to sound judgey, but perhaps right now isn't the best time to have a puppy. You aren't going to have the kind of time (and rightly so) to be training and working with the pup when the new baby arrives, and puppy will still need a lot of work and attention. Perhaps another year or so would be better. Have you talked with the breeder about it? Did the breeder know you were expecting?

    A good breeder would be more than willing to take the puppy back at this point, and maybe reconsider having one later.

    Sharpei's are not an easy breed to begin with, throw a toddler and newborn in the mix and I personally think you've taken way too much on yourself :(
  5. poppy2714

    poppy2714 New Member Registered

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    Great puppy tips :) thank you!

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