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Honeyhills results

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by Markamys, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Markamys

    Markamys New Member Registered

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    Thanks to everyone who came and supported our second open. It's been a controversial decision for the bend to be changed to a scratch open but it seemed to be a success, with a lot of the top dogs coming to race with us. Thanks especially to Vince and Andy for doing out traps and all our line volunteer line judges for making my life easier and Julia for the lovely cake that she raffled and helped raised more money for the club :thumbsup: .

    Not exceeding 16lb Group

    1st Morton's M & M

    Not exceeding 18lb Group

    1st, Rch Maid at Mill,

    2nd Kinda Hush,

    3rd Morton's Crazy Nights,

    4th Rch Isn't She lovely

    Not exceeding 20lb Group

    1st Truly Scrumptious

    2nd Agile Illusion

    3rd Satin Secrets

    4th Kinda Hot

    Cons Final 20lb

    1st Vino

    2nd Here Comes Trouble

    Not exceeding 22lb Group

    1st Rch Polly Flinders

    2nd Rch Another Millworth

    3rd Harvest Moon,

    4th Alectrona

    Cons Final 22lb Group

    1st Bella of Muir

    2nd Wonderwag

    3rd Satin Sings

    4th Rudy Roo

    Not exceeding 24lb Group

    1st Rch Bring it Back

    2nd Satin Sunshine,

    3rd One in a Mill

    4th Hurricane Fly

    Cons Final 24lb

    1st Woodleigh Ebony

    2nd Backchat.

    Not Exceeding 26lb Group

    1st Trouble Maker,

    2nd Rch Doolally

    3rd Star of Twilight

    4th Duncton Two Tone

    Cons Final 26lb

    1st Morton's Fuller Bounce

    2nd Dancing Sol "o"

    Not Exceeding 28lb Group

    1st Rch Markamy's Black Bentley

    2nd Scallywag

    3rd Kai Kai

    4th Agile Approach

    Cons Final 28lb

    1st Markamy's Marley

    2nd Harib "O"

    3rd Tanzanite Boy

    Not Exceeding 30lb Group

    1st Hellfire Corner

    2nd Nip "n" Tuck

    3rd Duncton Dark Knight

    4th Like the Wind

    Not Exceeding 32lb Group

    1st Rch Chermayeff

    2nd Markamy's Red Fred

    3rd Duncton Spirit of the Wind

    Overs Group

    1st Midnight Eclipse


    14-20lb group

    Rch/VC Mies Van der Rohe

    21-25lb Group

    1st VC Pretty Color

    2nd VC White Stiletto

    26-32lb Group

    1st Ypres

    2nd Robbie "O"

    Well done all the winners and finalists, we hope you had a good day.
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  2. Carol Brown

    Carol Brown New Member Registered

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    Well done to you Dave and your supporting team, we had a very enjoyable day.

    Well done to all the winners & loosers, all were winners to there owners
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  3. Darcia

    Darcia New Member Registered

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    Lovely words Carol and so true.

    Big thanks to all at Honeyhills for a great open, great company and a really enjoyable day.
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  4. wolfie9

    wolfie9 New Member Registered

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    Well done Christine and Norman on your win with Rch Maid at Mill (what a dog) and to you to Andy with Truly Scrumptious,

    Can win on a straight has well as a bend..big well done to you both.
  5. Firemansam

    Firemansam New Member Registered

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    Cheers Chris.

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