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Inca's Babe's

Strike Whippets

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Here they are, as requested some piccie's :D .........Inca's doing well but is still very sore :( , All the pup's are feeding well ............The colour's are 1 black parti girl, 1 black brindle girl, 1 blue parti boy, 1 black brindle boy, 1 black brindle parti boy, 1 red brindle parti boy, 1 white boy with dark ear's and a spot on his head (already known as Odd Ball) and 1 black parti boy ........not a Fawn in sight Joanna :sweating: ;)

:wub: :wub: poor Inca :huggles: I do like the blue parti yummy! :wub: :wub:
There might not be any fawns, but there are some lovely brindles :cheers:

[SIZE=14pt]Congratulations Hannah and Inca[/SIZE]
Shame about the fawns Hannah :( I do love the one with the black head with the white spot on it. A nice variety of colours. I don't envy you a bit in about 4 weeks time (w00t) They look like a right handful :- "
Awwwww you jammy cow!

They're gorgeous and what a fab variety of colours you've got!
They're absolutely stunning Hannah! :wub: :wub: o:) :wub: I love the black and white ones. :wub: :wub: :huggles: to Inca and I hope she feels better soon. :huggles:
Gorgeous babes Inca :cheers: some lovely colours in there - beautiful. :wub: :wub: [SIZE=14pt]Congratulations[/SIZE] :thumbsup:
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Lovely mixture of colours you've got there. You'll be able to tell them apart alright :lol:

Those dark brindles are scrummy.
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Well done Inca - lovely babies. :wub:

More like Daddy than Mammy then - or has the brindle come from Inca?

Oddball or black brindle parti boy for me please (if only :( )

Have any of the other whippies seen them yet ?

(Has Jacob been in to mother them all? :huggles: )

Sorry - I'm hysterical - I cant stop asking questions :b :clown: :lol:
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Beautiful. Just beautiful. How are you going to choose just the one (w00t)

Inca already looks a tad overwhelmed by them all. She's going to be a very busy girl. And just think of what fun housetraining 'em is going to be.
:D ............I think the brindle's more Inca's type Rae :D .............Jacob's frantic to see the pup's :huggles: and Little Eir has managed a few sneaky look's at them (he's fasinated :* ) but none of the other's are bothered (wonder what this say's about my boy's ;) )..........When Inca was at the vet's yesterday, they did ask if I had a dog that would mother/clean the pup's if anything happened to Inca .........when I told them yes Jacob would, they were all touched (either that or they thought I was stark raving mad (w00t) lol ) ........
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Oh they are beautiful Congratulations :cheers: well done Inca :thumbsup:

What a variety of colours all :wub: :wub: :wub:

Daddy Chase says congratulations to Inca. Sorry if you're sore, you'll soon feel better, and you are still beautiful.
:huggles: what a great litter :cheers:

we want lots of pictures as they grow :thumbsup:

how many are you keeping :- "
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Well done to Inca. :cheers:

In 5 year`s time [if I`m still up to it! :- ] a black and white little boy would be IMPOSSIBLE to resist! :D

I expect you`ll be chained up to them for the foreseeable! ;)

Hope the rain stays off on Sunday.


:wub: From Liz and Gavin

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