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Is there a way to change your profile pic please?


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When I joined, the website automatically uploaded an (old) picture of me (I'm ancient really...joke). And really would prefer a picture of my pup to be there, like others here.
But I have tried everything and just clicking on my 'avatar', it says I don't have permission and running into problems or something.
Thank you
Can I just say first, I don't really spend too much time on here, but there's cricket on TV, so ...

If I click on the little avatar photo at the top of my screen i get this option to choose an image from my files.

Hmm, not sure.... Just to check, are you on your phone or PC? And are you definitely clicking on the avatar that (on the PC) appears at the left-hand side of the row next to symbols of a person, settings cog, help, trophy, etc., or (on your phone) the one that comes up by pressing the person symbol and then the avatar showing below 'Your account'?

Note that I've removed the post showing the account details, because it revealed your email address, which is best kept confidential.
OK, I've been doing a bit of googling and found another forum using the same software where you need to make 30 posts, or be a member for 30 days, before you can edit your account details - which seems a bit excessive, particularly if the software is selecting avatars without asking you (no idea how it does that, but it seems odd). I suggest you try again after 30 posts (spam us with puppy pics, we won't complain!!). If it still doesn't work, we'll probably have to kick it upstairs to admin.
Not too big - just gorgeous!

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