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New Home Needed Jack russell needs new home kent/surrey


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I have just joined this forum in the hope that someone can offer this lovely little fella a new home. My husband and i stepped in and have been looking after him for the past week after a friend found themselves in a situation which meant he could not have the dog with him. At first it was to be a short term solution but it now turns out not to be the case and sadly Alfie has to be rehomed.

Alfie is 7 years old. A short haired, long tailed Jack Russell.He needs his claws clipped and the jabs,worming etc brought up to date.

He has been neutered.

We had never met Alfie until 7 days ago. From the start he has been a delightful dog to have around.In such a short time he has settled into our ways without any fuss. Unfortunatley we are not in the position to keep him. He loves men, probably because he has been in an all male household. He was a little bit hesitant of me at first but i think that could be he wasnt used to females. I just left him to come to me when he felt like it and now after just a week he wants me to play and fuss him. He now curls up on the sofa of the evening between my husband and myself! He loves playing ball. He only barks when someone comes to the door. He hasn't barked in the garden when the neighbours dog was barking.Noises dont fluster him or worry him (although the vacuum sends him scurrying to the garden!). When he isn't sure of something or someone he runs and hides grumbling to himself. We just ignore him and he reappears after a couple of minutes!

As Alfie has been the only pet in a child free household his owner feels that a new home with a single male or an older couple would be best for him witrh Alfie being the only pet

He has always had company through the day so having someone home with him is a must. He can be left for 3-4 hours wihout problems.

We can only look after Alfie until Thursday 20th March. After that date we really don't know what will happen to the affectionate little dog. I have tried 50 animals shelters/rescues without luck so hope someone reading this can help.

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