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Jerry Green Rescue Centre - Brixworth Branch

Discussion in 'Hound' started by ~Sarah~, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. ~Sarah~

    ~Sarah~ Active Member Registered

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    I do volunteer walking at the Brixworth Branch of Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Northamptonshire. This branch, and one other in Suffolk, are threatened with closure.

    They are an excellent rescue, doing a really great job. The staff are very caring and they have a very good record for rehoming (not many bounce back which I think is a sign that they ensure that homes and dogs are well matched). They always have a few greyhounds and lurchers, and occasionally whippets. There are very few rescues in our area and it would be such a pity if it closed. There is also concern for some dogs with issues that have been resident there for a long while. :(

    There is a Facebook page - Save the Brixworth Dog Rescue Centre (Jerry Green) where there is an online petition. Please could people join the Facebook page and sign the petition -

    I hope the link works.

    I would be so grateful if we could increase the numbers who sign the petition.

    Many thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
  2. PhoenixMum

    PhoenixMum New Member Registered

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    Signed. I wonder what will happen to the dogs if they do close?

    I am an associate of Wellidogs and if we can do anything please let me know.

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