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Junior warrant 2018

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by Jay4252, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Jay4252

    Jay4252 New Member Registered

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    Hi, is anyone familiar with the new jw criteria, im currently collecting points but have a quick question, so my scenario is that I am in a fairly small breed, at a champ show I won my minor puppy class with one other dog in it, I then went in to the bitch challenge and beat the puppy bitch, I then failed to win the puppy challenge, am I able to claim 3 points for winning best puppy bitch or is it simply a case of needing 3 in the class or best puppy in breed for the points

    Many thanks
  2. JoanneF

    JoanneF Well-Known Member Registered

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    Tagging @PWDmum who shows and may be able to advise.
  3. PWDmum

    PWDmum Active Member Registered

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    From my understanding you need at least 3 in a class to gain a point, and you have to beat 2 other pups to gain a point, but don’t take my word for it, also being in a numerically small breed I am of the understanding it’s almost impossible to gain a JW , due to small numbers, so not really my strong point. Sorry

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