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Kennel cctv


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we have 3 kennels in the garden which house our 9 working dogs. Lately they have been making a noise and annoying the neighbours, it's a small village and we can't afford to fall out with people.

I wondered if anyone has any experience of wireless CCTV with audio capabilities?

There are so many out there when you google them!!

Would be ideal to get a notification on my Iphone when the dogs start making a noise and then to be able to shout at them via the cameras!!

Any help gratefully appreciated!!

Have tried Sonic anti bark devices - they don't work. We have a number of antibark collars but the damn dogs chew them off of each other!!!

Running out of ideas
If I were a dog barking at something, I doubt a disembodied voice shouting at me would motivate me to stop. Can you find out what is triggering the barking and remove that from the equation?
hi, PL -
i'm wondering if the cameras were installed, & if so, what seems to have upset the dogs?

Assuming U're in the UK, i'd think that during time of year it might be fox(es) or cats -
LONG-DAYS start intact F cats into their every-28-to-30-days estrus cycle, & all sorts of nocturnal upset follows; queens calling, toms squalling, cat-fights between same-sex & opp-sex both, shrieking matings, crying kits if they get separated from mom-cat [or heaven forfend, mom-cat gets HBC / killed by a car, & a whole nest of infants is wailing in hunger & distress]... Spring into late-fall, roaming cats are very active, & they will provoke the dogs.
Foxes will rummage in the trash, check the veg-garden or fruit trees for edibles, the pups will yap & play, & so on.

Hope things have settled down; i agree with JoAnne, most dogs bark for a reason, & teasing out the cause is part of solving the barking issue. :(   Just scolding them doesn't fix it.
 - terry

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