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Keyhole or standard spaying?


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Any thoughts on what type of spaying is better?

Obviously been chatting to our vet, who recommended keyhole but also offered standard surgery.

My main concern is when keeping the womb in, there’s still a risk of womb infection, cancer etc.

Did anyone go for keyhole and would upon reflection go for full spay (and vice versa)?

Thanks in advance for any input!
My girls have always had full spay ...
My friend opted for keyhole..her girl ended up with an infection had to be opened up and have a full spay anyway ....keyhole was twice the cost of a normal spay too ...
Mine have always had a full spay

No experience of key hole sorry
Laparoscopic spay (keyhole) is much less invasive and the recovery time is shorter (about five days compared to 10-14 for traditional spay). It prevents pyometra (infection of the uterus) just as completely as a traditional spay. The real downside for some is the cost. It is a bit pricey. While any surgery can have complications, I have known two friends and a family member who have opted for Laparoscopic spay in the last year or so and all three dogs did and continue to do well. No issues, no complications. All said they will go this route with future dogs as well. So in the end, it just comes down to personal preference and if you think it's worth the extra cost.

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