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Liberty and Livelihood March


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Having been unable to attend we would be grateful for comments, from those who were there, as to the reality of the situation rather than that of the biased British media.
As I have said on previous thread, I don't like foxhunting, but I worry what will happen to other country pursuits if hunting with dogs is banned.

I therefore didn't attend the march, but was unfortunate enough to be travelling via Liverpool St. station on the day of the last march. I stopped in the pub on the station and was confronted with some of the most obnoxious people I ever had the misfortune to come across. To say they were rude and arrogant would be understated.

However, these people do have genuine issues, but they seem to forget that poverty, poor services and decent transport etc. probably affect many millions more living in our cities and towns, and I didn't see them supporting the miners in the 80's when communities were being destroyed.

I just wish (and I'm not a supporter on any political party) that the Tories were as strong as the Alliance, at least then this Government might have some worthwhile opposition and start putting things right....
:p Hi, has any one heard what has happened since the demo at the week end, did the demo make any difference to how people think, I havent heard any thing have you!!!!!!

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