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Looking for info about millies wolfheart plz

Discussion in 'Dog Food and Diet' started by Zero, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Zero

    Zero New Member Registered

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    Looking for some feeding guidance for millies wolfheart please. I've been scouring the internet for a food that would be suitable to feed both my senior and puppy, and stumbled across millies wolfheart.

    I've decided i'm going to give the countryside mix a try for the both of them. However, i'm unsure which size bag i will need (i'll order a taster bag for now) in the long term.

    If anyone uses millies wolfheart could you please forward on the feeding guide, specifically looking for the feeding suggestions for a senior dog of 25kg and puppy whos adult weight will be approx 5kg, she is about half that at present.

    Thank you for any help
  2. Violet Turner

    Violet Turner Well-Known Member Registered

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